Everyday Stylist: Inayah Mirza

Everyday Stylist: Inaya Mirza
We love highlighting everyday women and their vintage jewelry style. We love hearing from women of all ages and different backgrounds.  Today, we spoke with blogger and influencer, Inayah Mirza, about her art and sense of style. What we love the most is that Inayah has been a YouTube star for close to a decade so you can see how her style changes with time. 

Q. Tell us a little about your background with art and style.
“My passion is depicting the beauty of emotion, connection, and everyday life through my art. I started social media at a young age so I could have a place to publish my visual and written work. Through my poetry, photography, and videography, I am able to share my favorite ways to express myself everywhere from beauty, to lifestyle, and fashion. Vintage, thrifted, and family heirloom clothing and jewelry has always made up the majority of my wardrobe. 

Q: Is there anyone who influences your sense of fashion? 
"When I was a toddler, I lived in Rhode Island, which is where I visited this spring and took these photographs. During the harsh winters, my mom would dress me in little fur coats. Because I had fair skin with dark curly hair and lashes, people would come up to us to tell her I looked like “a little Elizabeth Taylor.” That has most definitely made an impact in my fashion choices today, some of my biggest style inspirations being the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe." 

Q. What else influences your style? 
My father is from India, which exposed me to a myriad of rich, bright colors and extravagant gold jewelry from a young age. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother taking care of me as I played with her beautiful gold bangles on her wrists, asking her if I could have one of them someday. I grew up around Bollywood movies from the 50’s and 60’s constantly playing in our house, captivating me with their bold, colorful exuberance. The dangling jewels from head to toe and gorgeous saris have influenced me to favor gold accessories and elegant clothing. 

Over the years, I have collected vintage pieces that make up my style today. Since I was sixteen I’ve been collecting vintage slips, skirts, and dresses. I’ve also learned to incorporate both of my beautiful grandmother’s jewelry, from pearls to gold, from India. On my YouTube channel, I have a segment where I discuss my philosophies on everything from confidence, mental health, to navigating other topics that are prevalent in our twenties. In every video, I am wearing a vintage nightgown from my collection as I arrange flowers and chat to my audience. 

Q: Why do you incorporate vintage into your style? 

Carrying vintage into my style today to me is about more than just pretty gold bangles and dainty silks. It’s about culture, history, and having fun expressing ourselves with the things that make us feel most glamorous.”

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