Everyday Stylist: Kira James

Everyday Stylist: Kira James
Welcome to our "Everyday Stylists" series where real woman showcase how they style vintage jewelry in their modern lives. Using everyday women of different backgrounds, ages, and locations, this campaign series encapsulates how the modern women can incorporate vintage jewelry into their own wardrobe. Vintage jewels showcase how we connect to the past, to each other, and the environment around us.

Meet Kira James, 18
Stylist, Brooklyn

We partnered with the up-and-coming talent Kira James, 18, from Brooklyn, New York, to showcase how to style vintage jewelry in our first Everyday Stylist Series. James came to us with a vision for incorporating vintage jewelry into casual, dark, and moody looks that fit right into the playground of New York City. She gathered a team of creatives to showcase how young women gallop around NYC in 2024. Check out her background and vision below. 

The entire collection styled by Kira is now live on our website for you to shop! 


We sought out Kira for her eye for style in a young metropolitan environment and asked her to draw from her life experiences.

When asked why are you interested in style, James responded, “I’ve always been artistic and love to draw. To this day I mainly draw women in different attires. I think women are the embodiment of the word “beauty.”

Furthermore, James stated, "I love fashion and styling because it allows me to express my creativity and individuality through clothing and accessories. Experimenting with different looks lets me explore various aspects of my personality and mood. Seeing how fashion trends evolve and reinterpret over time fascinates me endlessly.”

We tasked James with styling vintage jewelry from Devil’s Details Boutique with pieces from her own wardrobe. She went above and beyond and enlisted help from models, a makeup artist, and a photographer in Brooklyn. See credits below. 


Vintage Jewerly and 1950s cats eye glasses from Devil's Details Boutique in Austin, Texas

James stated “I loved working with my models in NYC and pairing vintage jewelry with our everyday wardrobe. Adding creativity to the project, I drew from both my own inspiration and the creative input from the models, because I’m always inclusive of other people’s ideas.” We love seeing women supporting other women and collaborating, the world needs so much more of this! 

When asked to tell us a bit about her styling choices, James responded:

“Some insight on the outfits: Ziarah & Coura (both they/she pronouns) are seen to wear opposing colors of black and white bralette slip tops with corresponding skirts to match. This was done to show how gold can be paired with monochromes, one of my favorite ways of wearing them.” 

James styled our pieces without using traditional parameters of what each piece actually was, using vintage brooches as belt buckle, chains around shoulders verses the neck, and how cute are those cat eye glasses, you would never know that they were from the 1950s! 

When describing her models, James states, “Asia (she/her) wore a red Frederick’s of Hollywood ruffled slip dress. This was paired with red and gold jewelry pieces as well as a vintage snakeskin purse. Red was a color that our mothers taught us to never wear - that it was seductive and that wearing it could get someone in trouble. I always thought red was a pretty color. I think it’s powerful and outstanding. It can be sexy, but so can many colors.”

Summing up the experience, James commented: “I think what I really like about this project is that I tend to not clothe myself the way I clothed my models. Even though some pieces were from my closet, I’m more inclined to wear a lot of shades such as black, white or grey. And adding jewelry and accessories made everything pop!” We love her looks, don't you?

Want to style for our Everyday Stylist Series? Drop us an email with your inspiration. You do not need to be a professional stylist, only a creative vision and iPhone photography skills. This is a paid opportunity for anyone seeking to engage their creativity.

Photographer: JD Noonan IG @pixelbug 
Stylist: Kira James
Ziarah they/them
Coura they/them IG @courakillagodzilla 
Asia she/her IG @6reiko_ on Instagram
Asta she/her IG @l3ad_pa1nt_luvr 
Makeup:  Asta she/her IG @l3ad_pa1nt_luvr