We use fashion-era.com as a guide to state the condition of all items and all items sold that do not meet good condition are sold as cutter or for craft purposes and will be stated in the description.

Mint Vintage Condition means mint. It means rare, flawless and as perfect and pristine as it was originally, to the point that it may never have been even worn. Garment tags may still be attached
Near Mint Vintage Condition shows the lightest of wear and a garment or dress that is in complete condition in all aspects. Wedding suits and special occasion ball, red carpet and cocktail gowns for example are often near mint.

Excellent Vintage Condition means totally sound in condition and appearance, but any wear is a result of having been worn now and then, but the item has been well looked after and stored to still keep good looks. The construction of the garment is sound with no buttons missing or unavailable for matching.

Very Good Vintage Condition means wearable with some flaws. Flaws such as stains or minor structural flaws have made an appearance. However, overall the garment has redeeming factors such as scarcity or a rare print making it desirable. The position of the soiling or staining is also important. Since the marking may be permanent this should be reflected in the selling price.

Good Vintage Condition means wearable, but the dress is no longer in pristine condition and if there are repairs to be made it could never achieve excellent condition. Remember vintage garments have been around a long time, so will have deteriorated with the years and with storage conditions. These clothes have been worn, but the fact they still exist means they were favorite items or stylish treasured garments in their day.